Australian Spouse Visa Checklist: Things You Should Know

Aussie Visa Services / Australian Spouse Visa Checklist: Things You Should Know

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  • 02 July,2021

Applying for a spouse visa is a fulfilling experience that a couple will go through. It is more popularly described as one of the most complex processes that a couple go through. You might be wondering why. 

Whether you have any experience with lodging any Australian visa, if you are unsure how to approach it, the process can sometimes be complicated. The spouse visa in Warrnambool is no exception. 

More often than not, most couples will usually search for the steps involved with applying for a spouse visa in Australia. Soon they discover that there is no ‘golden’ one-size-fits-all checklist to apply for a partner visa. The unfortunate thing is that there is not a single checklist that can be used for all applicants. There are other things to be aware of. You have to determine whether those factors apply to your unique situation.

So, where to start from? In this post, we will cover the most important steps to a spouse visa checklist. Even though this will not necessarily be the same for all couples, there will be adequate information to get started.

Know your dates

Make sure that you are prepared to share information, such as when you and your partner met the first time. When you both decided to enter a loving relationship, make sure you remember the crucial dates that reflect the unison of your conjugal life.

Obtain the current police and medical clearances

When the time comes, the case officer will process your application. This is why it is always better if your police and medical clearances are current. 

Keep in mind that they are valid for 12 months and not more than that. Given the current processing times, we recommend submitting your clearances right after lodging the application if you are applying from outside of Australia. Or you have to submit the clearances 12 months after lodgment when you are staying in Australia. This will help speed up the processing time and reduce the likelihood of having to pay for your clearances twice.

Arrange your documents

Make sure that all your supporting documents are kept in place and ready to be produced whenever required. Keep in mind that every document you provide is to prove that you are in a genuine relationship.

Do you have a joint bank statement?

An excellent way to prove your relationship is by opening a savings account in both names. You can submit bank statements showing your names and a history of transactions. This can help support your application.

Do you have any loan or insurance policy in both names?

If you have an insurance policy just in your name, consider having it amended so that both your names are on the policy. However, a skilled migration agent will always tell you what documents are required beforehand. So, discuss with him too.

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