Adobe Reader problems

There is usually only 3 causes for why this happens.  I have listed the points below for you to suggest to your client.  In recent times, option 1 often seems to be the cause.

  1. Some email applications such as Webmail try to open the PDF from within the email program itself, so they are using an inbuilt reader which is compatible with Dynamic PDFs rather than the proper Adobe Reader.  So ask them to first save the attachment to the Desktop, then open the PDF from the Desktop rather than directly from their email (only for people having troubles of course).
  1. If the client is opening the PDF Document with the Mac Preview Program, this is not compatible with Dynamic PDFs. I have pasted below details from Migration Manager that explains the problem and how to fix it. Send it to them along with the Youtube link to watch and they should be fine.

Excerpt: If you are using a Mac computer, please note that Mac’s ‘Preview’ program is incapable of handling Dynamic PDF documents such as this questionnaire. The following ‘how to’ video provides a step-by-step guide on how to install the latest Adobe Reader program onto your Mac and, more importantly, how to ensure that the Mac uses that Adobe Reader program to open this Questionnaire: 

  1. Make sure that have definitely installed the latest Adobe Reader, and that when they open the questionnaire it opens in Adobe Reader 

(Just remember un-check the “Optional Offer” for McAfee and just install Adobe Reader)

go and select file and save as to either desk top or drive.

Open Adobe Reader then select file