These 5 Tips Can Increase The Odds Of Your Australian Visa Approval

Aussie Visa Services / These 5 Tips Can Increase The Odds Of Your Australian Visa Approval

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  • 06 September,2018

Getting your visa approved is a daunting task when you attempt it by yourself. However, Aussie Visa Services exists to ensure that clients do not have to go through such a critical process all by their lonesome. Aussie Visa Services boasts of a team of migration experts who will coach you, guide you and ensure that the visa application you submit is validated for sure.  Our migration agent in Warrnambool has the experience to assist that the residents on temporary visas and the best possible pathways to extend their visa to one of permanent residency.

As one of the most reliable visa application services agency in Australia, It has come to our notice that more often than not aspiring visa applicants get rejected due to avoidable mistakes. Well-rounded visa applications get rejected due to haphazardly filled applications and what not. So, we have prepared a list out of the following pointers which we feel can offer some critical insight to our esteemed clients:

Check Your Application Before Submission

Filling out an application carefully will take you many hours, but checking it to ensure it is accurate is so important, also if lodging a number of forms for one application ensure the information is the same on each form as I guarantee the Immigration Dept will. Considering the gravity of something as critical as your immigration application, we highly recommend applicants to go over the application multiple times before submitting it. This goes for all of your visa application-related work, especially the spousal visa applications. Once you are sure that all the information filled out in the application is accurate to the best of your knowledge it cuts down your worrying in half!

Understand The Requirements

It is common knowledge that filling out a visa application and submitting it also entails some additional information to be furnished. Information such as any existing criminal records, your medical records, work history, academic qualifications, immigration history, etc. all need to be furnished for the sake of your visa application. Thus, it is essential for applicants to remember to present all this information and do so truthfully.

Accuracy Of Personal Details

 The Australian Immigration process is very strict against falsification of details on the visa application. The immigration officials are also immaculately trained to detect lies and have computer programs to detect false documents, everything is recorded electronically.  Therefore, there is no imaginable way in which an applicant can fabricate their personal details for the visa application and get away with it. Falsification of application details does not only possibly result in the cancellation of the visa, it can get you bared for up to 10 years from applying again and some visa’s you will never be able to get again, even some as simple as a student visa.

Even if you get false documents through the application stage, they will be checked again when applying for a permanent visa and again at the Citizenship stage, so if you have made it to Australia for 5 years they can still check your original document fraudulent documents result in a PIC 4020 which can cancel even a Permanent Visa and get you deported from Australia. Right action at the right time

Right Action At The Right Time

It needs to be known that the visa application process is manifolds easier when you apply during your stay in Australia. Indeed, those who are applying for a visa from outside the country face a less likelihood of approval compared to someone applying for permanent residency during their stay in Australia. When you apply in Australia you have Appeal rights which you lose if you have applied while offshore.

Relevant Details

Applicants must ensure that they furnish information that is ‘to the point’. Filling up the application with unnecessary details simply does not cut it. The Australian Immigration authorities expect you to furnish information that is crucial to one’s identity, vocation, background, etc. Thus, special care must be taken while filling permanent residency visas. If there is an impending spousal visa application in the queue then it becomes all the more necessary to provide relevant information. 

Aussie Visa Services migration agent in Warrnambool and other agency branches stress that with a little carefulness and dedication more people can ensure that their application successfully goes through.  In the long run it helps the applicant feel confident about their chances of an Australian citizenship.